ScRo had a 1-hour physical therapy appointment today.  ROM was worked on. The therapist measured the ROM of her left knee hamstring at about 80% and her right at 90%  Her legs trying to be straight measured at about 60%.  Sitting posture was attempted. ScRo seems to have a strong back. Her head stability limits her.  while she can sit with minor support her head continuously bobs down.  I attempted to get her attention to luck up by engaging in a toy with balls rolling down a chute.  She would try to lift her head up.  keeping her legs in a criss-cross manner seemed to provide some support to herself. On another exercise, the therapist hung a medium-sized ball on a rope extension stopping just above her. laying flat on the floor ScRo made small attempts to touch it when prompted. She was most successful when trying to move her body to her side with her arching back movement.  At one moment she was able to swing her arm back down successfully bumping it.  I see this activity can be adjusted at home and modified to get more results.  On future visits with ScRo I would like to invent a similar situation with props to help her engage her arms.  ScRo has very strong hands. she can grasp things unintentionally when straining her other muscles.  After PT today my necklace accidentally swung down in her direction when picking her up to carry to the other room.  For the first time, I saw her try to grab at it. I stopped and swung it in her direction. she enjoyed the shininess of it and observed it for a little bit.  I envision creating a small soft-like ball perhaps a spaghetti-type ball (easy to grasp) that can hang down during floor time.  ScRo has a surgery planned perhaps in the summer to lengthen her hamstrings.