Today ScRo worked on a variety of exercises that developed her strength in her upper body. She kept using her knees and arching from the floor. Staff used this opportunity to support her on four pt. She was able to hold her arms straight with her head hanging mostly. Support was under her chest. to simulate a crawling-like experience I varied and took turns to move her arms and legs in a counting pattern while supporting. later, ScRo wanted nothing else but tummy time again. I raised her up on the pillow. she was comfortable and able to rest on her pillow with arms /elbows. her head resting and up occasionally to look around. The pillow was removed when she tried to roll off. Not long after ScRo independently raised up with no pillow on one arm and head up for maybe 3 sec!. Additional exercises were worked on on the yellow ball. staff encouraged pushing or rocking herself. this was followed by stepping with the support of the yellow ball. 4 steps were possible before she would need to roll herself back. Additional exercise was done in her stander. considerable assistance was needed to transfer her. she danced in the stander with staff helping with arm movement.