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Strengthening of arms and legs


ScRo first engaged in floor exercises of ROM.

Leg strength: ScRo laid on a blanket on the slippery floor, she attempted to push off with myself holding her legs to scoot across the floor.

Arm Strength:  While in her stander Scro practiced putting balls in a bucket




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Challenges or Difficulties

ScRo desire to arch her back lifting her hips made this problematic.  also, being unable to hold legs together made it difficult. While she did make some movement across the floor the idea was not yet achieved.  On the next attempt using possible a weight to lay across her hips to hold down with more control.  also perhaps a tie of sorts to hold legs together.  putting her in her sling may be beneficial to attempt swinging motion but she does not like her sling and becomes upset at times. it is an option to try.

What did you try and what was the result? Did it help?