I was unable o work wih ScRo for several weeks due to being pulled to cover other individual shifts.  ScRo remained very strong.  Practice was needed to regain her sitting up position.  I began experimenting randomly with a new position. when coming off her yellow ball one day I realize how comfortable she was on her knees.  A pillow was placed to provide sitting-up support. she seemed to really enjoy this new position giggling a lot with a smile. After pillow support, I remove from additional practice.  she would balance with her arms positioned correctly on the floor for the best balance.  she would move to sitting position cross-legged and practice this.  Another exercise working on is with the yellow ball. this was started in January.  She enjoys rolling on her back. I would position my feet to engage on the floor.  maybe only a couple of times has she pushed independently.  I will then walk her feet out till it is too far to stay on the yellow ball. (The ball is shaped like a peanut)