Q: How to get Aidan standing straighter?  We worked on this over several sessions and ran our tests at the beginning of the session.

1. Aidan stands up.

2.  Try one activity from the list.

3.  Stand him up again.

4. Evaluate:  Is second standing straighter & taller than first one?   A:  Yes, taller / No Change / or Worse?

Straighter / Taller:

  • Swinging
  • Snake Crawl
  • Hangbar – really good
  • Pull Dowel in Supine (a bit better)
  • Oil Massage & set feet
  • Shoes are better than barefoot
  • Say “Up!” or “Head Up!”


No Change:

  • rolling
  • squat
  • short walk
  • push with feet in worm

Worse after:

  • Ball arch (with and without wrist & ankle weights)
  • Prone lying with hip oscillation
  • Bridge
  • Pull with feet in worm

Ideas we didn’t try:

  • Down dog – too difficult to get him into it
  • Pigeon
  • Plank
  • Twisting Belly
  • Gate (adapted – legs only)
  • Baby