Space and Sequencing

What we often see in the children’s movement is lack of organizations of the body in space.

The way the mind work it literally needs to organize the movement in space. You can work this by grouping, accumulation, chunking.

Reversing, symetrization, linear sequence, breaking the movement into steps imprinting the movement into the memory, clear instruction.

Howard Gardner: Multiple Intelligences.

Jean Piaget and Motor Learning, Object Permanence.

Video: Learning basic dance steps – break it into small steps, rhythm, music. Often music can be frustrating if the body is not ready to follow yet.

Equilibrium positions are the basic keys for developing child’s body awareness and controlled movement. All the information organizes around the body axis.

Body Grammar Menu and Lesson Plan(s) (Andrew’s)

Beginning Class

  • spinning
  • warm up with log rolling
  • bear crawl
  • jumping over blocks


  • group tree pose on pillows holding hands

Variations (partnering)

  • bear crawl with a friend on a gym mat
  • jumping with a friend over blocks holding hands
  • leg roll over a friend on mats


  • bear crawl followed by jumping over blocks
  • sleeping bag drag with a friend back to the beginning


  • trust fall

End Class

  • body Songs & Massage
  • swinging