Our future needs & what do we plan to do with the material?

Discussion and sharing the plans and dreams where to take this knowledge to.

Modern school especially in (North America) is standardized.  We can’t measure our children we work with using this kind of cookie cutter. It depends on a child. We have to be able to articulate your approach‘s essential keys.

Show your work as a story telling. What you are actually doing. What does it mean that it is holistic. Present your work first. Communicate. Give meetings. Advocate. FORMALLY PRESENT WHAT YOU ARE DOING. There will be less resistance. Let them be part of the process allowing you work with the child and let go. It is part of the job. Opening doors and going against the status quo.

There is need for this kind of work. Teachers need to break a lot of stigma around YOGA and or Physical Therapy.

COLLABORATION – INTENTION: Community of  pioneer Praxis Teachers. Keep in touch, support each other in this work and growth.

Yuji shows paper with 7 month test. Journal of Dance Education. Learning abstract qualities through physicality. QUESTION: Why the title? PDF please?

Kavita talked about her School Readiness Program and that some parents will not question anything you do and some will have issue with everything at the door.

Discussion: What are your personal strengths, challenges & needs

Themes: Age group of kids | Isolation | Parent stress levels | Teacher stress. Happy parent Happy Kid.

Hilda’s Lesson Plan: Starting with Savasana and perhaps challenging him a bit and surprise him with some ways to adjust his props so he could lift or stretch or flex more. Instead of station the room will have different items (different mat, stickers etc. (15 mins)

Bijal: Hi-5 + Compression Hug; Baby; Dog (oscillation); Baby; Move & Freeze; Starfish; Roll; Jump on Beanbag. (45 mins)

Jinisha: (Set up – Circles with numbers to mark stations). Run around cone (clapping); Sit; Starfish;

A-B-A Structure —> A-A1 (variation of A) -B-C-D-A (back to A for grounding and mastery).