This month I began working with a 9-year-old ScRO with CP.  She has some strength in her lower trunk. She spends a lot of her time on the floor where she arches he back by using her legs. She uses her feet to kick and turn in circles.  When she wants to she can turn herself onto her right side to partial tummy.  Her arm gets stuck on the way.  Both of her hamstrings are very tight behind her knees.  She is not able to straighten them at all.  ScRo is capable of bending her arms with thought but seems most comfortable staying very straight.  She has the least amount of control in her neck.  She must have neck support.  She is capable of moving it around and up with the neck support occasionally for a short moment. She is often very tense so most movements come after she processes what her muscles need to do.  ….Not done writing…….