Advice on Wanja’s video on lifting objects

  • lower the seat so that she can squat lower and work more on standing
  • give her heavier objects
  • put a weighted vest on her (for posture) or have her hold weights, maybe even do so in space, away from the activity.
  • to stretch right arm, work on getting it straight.

General comments:

  • know what you want to achieve
  • watch Aidan’s video:
  • we will talk about the learning zone; find the places where she can learn
  • starting point: do it in such a way that the connection in there (something that the child can learn and enjoy – child is responsive, action is meaningful), emphasis on connection
  • 4 areas we will do for each child (developmental pattern):

0- Ploughing the Field – child’s body has to be ready, it’s the foundation

1- Flow Patterning – making sure the child is initiating movement – child learns to do the movement but not fully

3- Equilibrium positions – focusing on things like laying down, sitting, 4 point, kneeling, standing – child working on posture and focus, so that the movement can begin to happen.

4- first locomotion/action – looking for the first motion, what people see.


Advice on Wanja’s video on opening fingers and hands:

  • where is she at – perhaps at flow patterning
  • idea is to explore the other areas too and relate them all, the area before where she is, and the one after too.
  • plough the field more
  • also work on equilibrium, e.g. keep hand open for a count of five, or just help her open her wrist and keep it like that (equilibrium)


  • pay attention to how you are doing things – listen to what you are feeling.
  • as you are ploughing the field, make sure the head is free. Lift and turn it from side to side and see if it turns ok.


  • exercise for separate torso (may require two people, one holding the shoulders); can even get her to initiate return of knees. Can start with a few oscillations of knees when lifted.
  • can also loosen torso area by lifting knees and tucking in my knees under her bum and rocking her, even with my knees. Get her to find the motion.
  • Balance Wanja on the ball – hold her thighs from in front as she sits, and release her hands.

Lesson plans for week 1:

  1. Write down my survey – have to know what I am dealing with, where the child is having difficulties; have a feeling for Wanja’s body. Define where the difficulties are (then we try and suggest the solutions).
  2. Spend some time on massage or releasing on some part of their body. Very important for them to get awareness of their body.  Know what’s tight today, get a sense of their bodies – even then, look for progress.  Maybe put resistance to see if there is improvement.  Or see if the muscles are now feeling like dough – relaxed – a little better than when you started.
  3. Start to find little things to address, e.g. for Wanja, her hand and arm. Perhaps do it only twice a day, even at different times.
  4. Record it, picture, to know that your child has achieved that progress/milestone.


What I might work on for Wanja:

  • Massaging the hand and arm
  • oscillating her hand and arm, and stretching the arm
  • Stretch her inner right thigh
  • check if she can initiate movement when her legs are bent (for the sake of her hip)
  • balance on ball, laying on back, and also sitting.
  • positioning of feet…problem?