• Learning zone is not a technique, it is a connection.
  • When doing these activities, there has to be initiation, and there has to be success.
  • Plowing the field, look for a little bit more change when doing it, push a little bit harder.

Plowing the field

  • Check to see which part of the body, at the joints, feels tight/hard.
  • When working with range, when opening up a space, you have to provide a lot of support.
  • When you find a tight place, don’t push into it, instead start moving around gently to open up the space.
  • Lift before stretching, to create a bit of space in the joint.
  • Always look at the child to see how they are feeling.
  • And push a little more, but only when you open up a bit of space.
  • On a scale of 1-10 of pain when stretching, you can go to a 3 or 4, not a 1 or 2, and not a 6+ (I think?)

(Practical session followed….)