Special Needs Module 2:
Motion 1

Recordings Available

This pre-recorded 15-hour workshop helps you develop a basic motor program that will allow children to revisit developmental motor milestones! This Motion curriculum has been successful in helping thousands of children with special needs become more competent and confident with their bodies. Starting with a basic vocabulary of 20 rolling, crawling and jumping skills, children are given a chance to explore and expand their movement competence through variations of these skills through space, time and energy. Training objectives include motor teaching strategies, lesson planning, physical assessment, relaxation activities and much more! The training itself is highly experiential—we encourage all teachers to come ready to move!

*Purchase of this course provides students with access to the Adapted Spiral Praxis Online Portal. You will be able to upload notes, videos, and photos of your clients and gain access to other learning resources, including lifetime access to this course and all supporting materials. You will also be invited to our vibrant WhatsApp community to creatively maintain your special needs interventions, share videos and experiences with other students, and get direct guidance from ASP Founder Yuji Oka.

This course is now closed.